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Sheridan Pest Control has been doing work in the Capital District, in one form or another, since way back in 2003. We are a full service pest control company, helping 518-ers, and 838-ers, with all their pest control needs. We will chase those mice for you. We will tackle those moles. We will even get that pesky skunk out of your yard. Ticks? Well that service is ORGANIC! Anything pest control related, Sheridan Pest Control has your back.

All you have to do is call
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Sheridan Pest Control Specials

Home Protection Plan/Setup

$50 off Home Protection Plan/Setup

Tick Treatment

10% off seasonal Tick packages

Termite Treatment

$50 off off exterior station install
$50 off 1st year of service with station install

Carpenter Ant Treatment

6 month warranty on comprehensive Carpenter Ant service

Discount Second Service

10% off second service

Mole Treatment

$100 off on seasonal Mole contract with another service

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a ton of pests out there that can invade your home and property. We can help you identify them and eradicate them from your home. Check out our services page for more info and images of your pests.

What do Carpenter Ants look like?
Carpenter Ants are the larger, blacker ants very commonly seen. Sometimes they have wings.
What do Carpenter Bees look like?
They resemble Bumble Bees. They are about 1 inch long, and sometimes seem metallic or shiny.
Where do Moles live?
They are subterranean. Moles live underground. Where else do they live? In your lawn!
Why do Mice make their way inside your home?
Mice are opportunists, and will migrate indoors looking for food, warmth, and comfort.
How do you know if you have a Powder post Beetle problem?
1 sign would be a fine powder on the floor underneath damaged wood. Another sign would be multiple very small, pin sized holes (exit holes) in exposed wood.
Are there different species of rats?
There are 2 common types of Rats in the USA; Norway Rats, and Roof Rats. In New York State we are typically dealing with Norway Rats.
What should I do about Wasps?
You should call Sheridan Pest Control (518) 935-7162! We know the best ways to handle that nest. The sprays that homeowners often buy are not made for residual protection. They work in the moment, as a contact kill, but absolutely will not take care of the entire nest. You need a more detailed, and well though out plan of attack.

Why call Sheridan Pest Control?

You are going to deal with the owner. And no one cares more than he does! You will not have to deal with an out of town answering service. You will get the local owner to either answer, or call you right back after you leave a message.

You will have email, text and telephone access to the owner/person who services your property. We are local, out of Guilderland, and have been doing work in the Capital District for 17 years! That is a fact we are very proud of. All estimates are free!

We will respond quickly, answer questions thoughtfully, price fairly, and walk/talk you through everything related to your specific issue. You will feel comfortable with Sheridan Pest Control. We are always very honest about your situation, your options, and our plan of attack. And it shows. We have had some of our clients for the entire 17 years we’ve been in business. This is also something we are very proud of.

We have a decent sense of humor and may even make you laugh(despite the fact that you have a woodchuck holding residency under your deck, or shed RENT FREE). We may have a sweet free gift for you in the form of a coffee mug, or a pint glass. But we haven’t decided yet…Well, because that stuff is expensive! But maybe…Just ask.

Have questions...For answers, send a message!

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Sheridan Pest Control
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Miscellaneous insects

Bed Bugs

Wood boring insects

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Bees
Powderpost Beetles

Rodent control




Sheridan Pest Control came to my property and treated it for mice and voles. Within the first week we noticed a major reduction in activity and have not had any issues since. The price was very reasonable and Mike always does what he says he will do. I highly recommend them.

Jimmy Canfield

I’ve called Mike twice, once in the spring for carpenter bees and again in the fall for box elders. His prices are very fair. He handled both situations with such professionalism and he made sure to thoroughly explain things and to follow through. Mike will always be the first person I call for anything pest control related!
Emily Shultes

Absolutely fantastic service! We had a ton of wasps in the house and Mike came within 24 hours of contacting him to take care of it. He explained everything so well and made sure that the problem was taken care of. I’d suggest him to anyone who needs pest services.
Bridget Murray Cully