Concern #1: TERMITES!

Termites are bad news… bad news for you and bad news for the structural integrity of your home. Please never ignore any signs of a wood boring insect. Signs of termites include:
– Mud tubes
– Damaged wood/bubbled or peeling paint
– Frass
– Insect wings… Yuck!
Termites are one of the most damaging pests we have here in New York. They wake up in the spring and start foraging for food. Your house is food to them. Termites also look for mates in the spring. And they will set up their new homes, with their new mates, in the walls of your house. Be careful! Termites can sometimes be unseen, and therefore undetected. But the trained eye can detect termite activity, so if you have even a small feeling that you might have some new termite activity, please call Sheridan Pest Control. We can help! We want to help!
*Termites are active year round.

Concern # 2: Carpenter ants!

Carpenter ants are everywhere, including inside your home (potentially). They hibernate outside during the winter, but they wake back up again in the springtime. Carpenter ants do not eat your wood, but they do burrow into it, causing much damage. Carpenter ants are large ants, usually black in color. They are probably inside your home looking for food and a place to nest. If you are seeing them inside, there is a good chance you have a satellite nest somewhere in your walls. Carpenter ants do not disappear on their own. If you see one inside, or near your house, it is highly recommended that you treat professionally! Long term, carpenter ants can damage the structural integrity of your home. A carpenter ant nest can survive the winter, and stay active inside your home if it’s warm enough.

Concern # 3: Moles!


Good Lord, moles can do damage. They are a pesky pest that drive many people crazy and are a very challenging pest for a homeowner to take care of themselves. You need the help of a pro! Often, store bought traps don’t work very well and are super expensive. Repellents are also really expensive and if they do work, it’s only for a very short period of time. And as for those high pitched noise makers? Cut it out!! They are a waste of time and money. Moles must be trapped to eliminate them. Many pest control companies won’t do moles because moles are a headache! Sheridan Pest Control will, and with great success! Call us! We are your mole masters!

Concern # 4: Carpenter Bees!

Carpenter bees are interesting little pests. They drill nearly perfect little circular holes in wood to set up their nests. And I’ve never seen one use a compass! The queen resides within the nest, protecting the larvae. The male carpenter bee is the protector, and he flies around the entry/exit hole of the nest trying to intimidate any nearby humans. The male carpenter bee will actually dive bomb you if you aren’t careful! But the males can’t sting, so don’t sweat it too much. If carpenter bees aren’t treated, they will continue to reside in the same wooden area each year while doing more and more damage. A carpenter bee problem can turn into a secondary pest problem because other pests, also known as opportunists, will enter the holes left behind by the carpenter bees. So make sure you seal up your wood post-treatment! Carpenter bees and bumblebees are very similar in appearance. So please leave the identifying to the pros! Call Sheridan Pest Control – we can help you!


Concern # 5: Ticks !

Ah, the dreaded tick. They are everywhere. Yes, there are some more common areas to find ticks (tall grass, leaf piles, wet areas, wooded areas, wood piles, ground cover, stone walls, overgrown shrubs, base of trees and shrubs, etc.), but you can never let your guard down related to ticks in New York State. Avoid tick infested areas! And if you live in an area where you constantly have wildlife flying over, and running through, then you better be on red alert, because this wildlife is most likely covered in ticks (many people don’t realize this)! Take all necessary precautions when it comes to ticks. Check yourself, your friends, your significant others, your kids, and your pets. Wear long clothes, tuck your pants into your socks, don light colored clothing so ticks are easier to see, limit your exposure, and be diligent! Ticks can make you very, very sick. For help with tick control, please call Sheridan Pest Control. We can help lower the tick populations on your property!