Sometimes people think ants are not active in the winter. Sometimes people are wrong! They are… if given the opportunity. It’s really as simple as this: if they can get in, they will and they will survive in the walls of your home. Why? Because it’s warm enough. The temps outside mean nothing if the pest is living inside your home.

So if we are having a discussion about ants in the winter, in NY, we would say these things:
– Yes, you can have ants inside in the winter.
– If you see active ants inside they are 100% foraging for food and water.
– If you see ants inside during a NY winter, they are 100% living in your house/wall voids.
– If you have ants in the house in the winter you may have some cleaning up to do (I’m being nice! Get cleaning!).
– Inside ants, in the winter, will most likely be found near kitchens and bathrooms.
– Pavement ants don’t do any damage, but they are a major nuisance. They number in the thousands in their nests sometimes.
– Carpenter ants do do damage! Don’t ignore them!

So again, and contrary to very popular belief, ants don’t die or disappear during the winter in NY. Outside, they hibernate in their nests. But if it’s warm enough inside, they will stay active all year round. They enter through any crack or crevice they can find. It’s that simple. So seal up your home, clean up that kitchen, and if you see ants inside in the winter call Sheridan Pest Control – (518) 935-7162! We would be happy to help!