1 – We are constantly doing our homework related to best practices, best products to use, best treatment methods, best equipment, etc. Sheridan Pest Control is always working for you, and the public, even when you can’t see us.

2 – We understand the need for thorough explanations and discussions. Pest problems elicit anxiety in many. We always do our best to explain everything incredibly thoroughly, even if we have to spend a few extra minutes and even if we have to repeat ourselves. We come to you with compassion and a teacher’s heart.

3 – The owner of Sheridan Pest has lived in the Capital Region for 17 years and considers it his home. His wife has been here all her life. As local business owners, we understand how hard it can be sometimes to stay afloat, so we buy and support local whenever we can.

4 – We must be doing something right, because people trust us. They trust us in their homes, around their families, and around their pets. We appreciate that. We try to approach each situation as if it was at our home, and we were around our families.

5 – Sheridan Pest Control is very accessible. Although we can’t be on our phones every second of every day, we are attentive. You can text us. You can send pictures and get insta-answers. That type of service isn’t possible with the larger national companies.

6 – We are approachable when we are in neighborhoods. Yes, people “kick our tires.” Yes, sometimes our time gets wasted but we try to approach each conversation or situation politely and with understanding.

7 – We follow the letter of the law when it comes to rules and regulations from our governing bodies. We understand that pesticide labels are important, and so are local rules and laws. We are cognizant of waterways, storm drains, neighbors outside, drift, time between treatments, etc. We want to do things right, and we strive every day to behave as if we were on camera (sometimes we are!).

8 – We really, truly practice IPM (integrated pest management). Which is a fancy way of saying we don’t spray pesticides when it isn’t necessary. Furthermore, we will effectively do spot treatments when we know they will get the job done. We only spray inside homes when baiting isn’t an option, and it’s absolutely necessary. We care about your health!

9 – We love to help people and although we aren’t in business to break even, our bottom line isn’t the only thing that fuels us. We really enjoy helping people. When someone calls for pest control, it’s because they need help. Sometimes we get to save the day and man alive, that’s rewarding!