Your are going to deal with the owner. And no one cares more than he does!

Quick Response

You will not have to deal with an out of town answering service. You will get the local owner to either answer, or call you right back soon after you leave a message.

Direct Contact

You will have email, text and telephone access to the owner/person who services your property.

Local Owner

We are local, out of Guilderland, and have been doing work in the Capital District for 17 years! That is a fact we are very proud of.

Fair Pricing

We will respond quickly, answer questions thoughtfully, price fairly, and walk/talk you through everything related to your specific issue.


You will feel comfortable with Sheridan Pest Control. We are always very honest about your situation, your options, and our plan of attack. And it shows.


We have had some of our clients for the entire 17 years we’ve been in business. This is also something we are very proud of.

Just Laugh

We have a decent sense of humor and may even make you laugh (despite the fact that you have a woodchuck holding residency under your deck, or shed RENT FREE).

Our Story

Sheridan Pest Control has been doing work in the Capital District, in one form or another, since way back in 2003. We are a full service pest control company, helping 518-ers, and 838-ers, with all their pest control needs. We will chase those mice for you. We will tackle those termites. We will even get that pesky skunk out of your yard. Ticks? Well that service is ORGANIC! Anything pest control related, and Sheridan Pest Control has your back.

It is Sheridan Pest Control’s job to take care of your pest control issues.

All you have to do is call (518) 935-7162.

Call us, We’d love to help